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Good collection of 80s anarcho on Mortarhate etc in digipak , fully remastered
1 Conflict (2) This Is The A.L.F. 2 Flux Of Pink Indians Background To Malfunction 3 Flux Of Pink Indians Sick Butchers 4 Crass Sentiment 5Chumbawamba Unilever 6 Conflict (2) Meat Means Murder 7 SubhumansEvolution 8 Dirt (3) Slaughter House Rock 9 Exit-Stance The Voiceless Now Have A Voice 10 Exit-Stance Slaughter House 11 Exit-Stance They Kill Dogs 12Icons Of Filth Show Us You Care 13 Icons Of Filth Success On A Plate (For Who?) 14 Icons Of Filth Death Is The Only Release 15 Conflict (2) Berkshire Cunt 16 Poison Girls The Offending Article 17 Liberty (4) Suffer No More 18Conflict (2) Tough Shit Mickey 19 Citizen Fish Flesh And Blood 20 Lost Cherrees Poem 21 Lost Cherrees Yet Still Comes The Rain 22 Lost CherreesYou Didn’t Care 23 Conflict (2) Slaughter Of Innocence 24 Dirt (3) Seal Cull 25Icons Of Filth Vivisector 26 Exit-Stance Operation Successful 27 Conflict (2)Whichever Way You Want It