SCANDAL on a roll LP ( London OI! / STREETPUNK) 100 only PURPLE VINLY - one only !

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Excuse the google translate (its on a German label) !

London Bootboys with official history: Founded in Romania in 1998, by massive live presence soon a big number in the Balkans. A first album will be released in 2001, the song "Patrula suge pula" (The Police Sucks Cock) became the anthem of the Romanian Punks. Now reformed in London by Vlad and Gabi and others with Andy Madway (ex OMIXLH ), after the "Street Punk" CDP the first album of the "new" SCANDAL is released with "On a roll" .

Category? Many drawers have to be raised, SCANDAL skilfully place themselves between the style categories. "Trouble" opens the album with drivin 'rock'n'roll leads ( SOCIAL D. & Co.), uptempo on the way and bursting with energy. "Bad reputation" pushes behind as Singalong hit, has stable earwig potential in the maximum level. Whether you like it or not, the refrain bites in your head.

"Media control" and "Need to learn" each start with "Wall of Sound" riffing, full-bodied power chords. The mighty "It's just Punk Rock" crowd-pleaser mixes a happy offbeat into the drink. If you are looking for the common denominator, you will find it at "Singalong". And in "rebellion": mostly sociocritical / political texts without complacency. Against media control, warmongers etc. "Make Punk a threat again!" Catchy and angry ... SCANDAL .

Category Trial: Angry Power Melody Streetpunk at it's best, PERKELE meets BOOZE & GLORY and EVIL CONDUCT .

Entertaining fun: 10 songs, 33 minutes, recorded at PERRY VALE Studios, London by Pat Collier ( VIBRATORS ).