NEW METAL BADGES - PUNK OI! SKA limited edition

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Excellent quality small metal badges !      

These sell on ebay or festivals for 4 or 5 quid! 

make sure you choose the right badge on drop down menu when adding to cart!

BROWSE 100's OF OTHER METAL BADGES HERE - (there is not enough room to put them all in new stock section)


1 badge = (click BADGE RATE on checkout)   

More than 1 badge will be charged at CD RATE but I will use part of the extra money to send RECORDED DELIVERY (no need to tick rec del on checkout). You can buy as many badges as you like for the same postage up to 24 (site may charge more but i will change postage when i accept your money)


Postage rates are on bottom left of homepage. Must be sent registered post if paid through site. For cheaper postage (uninsured airmail) fill in CONTACT US form on homepage stating which country you are from.