GUANA BATZ rough edges CD - LAST COPY!

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This CD is a re-issue of the Guana Batz second album, from when the band was at the peak of their career. After 25 years at the top, Guana Batz still re-unites several times a year and headline festivals all over the world. This is part of a series of Guana Batz re-issues on Anagram that will be must-have'sfor all Psychobilly fans and collectors The CD contains informative sleeve notes and pictures. The Guana Batz are virtually Psychobilly-Royalty; being one of the first wave of original Psychobilly bands from the early 80s.

1. Streetwise
2. Open Your Mouth
3. One Night
4. Good News
5. Rockin On Creek Road
6. Fight Back
7. Spy Catcher
8. Love Generator
9. Bring My Cadillac Back
10. Rock Around With Ollie Vee
11. Two Shadows
12. You Can Run