EPIC PROBLEM 11-14 CD (17tr digipak feat MACKIE from BLITZ on guitar)

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Mackie from BLITZ took up the guitar and started a new band Epic Problem in 2010 . Various 7"s and 10" MLP ensued , most of them now out of print.
 If you want great catchy guitar driven punk (at times comparable to LEATHERFACE but with their own sound) here is a collection of that vinyl on one 17 track DIGIpak CD , remastered by Matt from Pumpkin recs.
Savage Amusement co-release with the band , Pumpkin & Boss Tuneage (distributed in Holland by Rebellion)

"Some of the most catchy as fuck punk rock we've heard in a while. If there's any justice they'll get the recognition they deserve" - VIVE LE ROCK


1     Petrol Blue     
2     Blindside     
3     Lines     
4     Sink     
5     Deny     
6     Weak     
7     Battles     
8     Smartbombs     
9     Versus     
10     Choke     
11     All Broken     
12     Have It All     
13     Reverse Negative     
14     Short Circuit     
15     Freeground     
16     Not Dead Yet     
17     Nihilistic Army