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still as clued up as ever!

for tracklist see pic 2. last copy , some marks to seal (not cover)

Review from Distorted Sound here - 

From the offset of Rise Up, the theme is in place, we know what to expect. They encourage us to stand up and be heard, to rebel against the order and stand up for our own beliefs with a real passion. They add authenticity to the stories we tell of false advertising and artificial talent, something we are drowning in.

It doesn’t stop there, it’s not just about how the world is spinning in to itself. They offer so much more than that as they delve into the powerful yet taboo topic of mental health, as well as the devastation of addiction. Songs such as Trouble With Me and I See Red highlighting the parts of life we fear most, yet more often than not, fail to talk about out loud.

Rise Up is a brilliant source of a pure and undiluted outcry, it’s everything punk was and should still be. ANTI-PASTI do not allow for a lack of freedom of speech. Take note, even after the extensive wait for the album, the punk band are still to this day, worthy of your ear, musically and educationally.

Rating: 8/10


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