MR SPAULDING sweet lady 12" EP REGGAE MEGADEAL only £2.99 !

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Info from the net (please note this is not a 1983 release, its a new sealed copy on Hot Milk label)

 Twelve inch vinyl pressing. Released by Bunny Roots Kris Disk label in 1983 Sweet Lady and Vision came out on separate 7s and were the last Jamaican recordings of Mr Spaulding. Side One is bouncy loverman mode a sugar hymn of elusive desire for a certain lady recorded on the same night as Josey Wales Kingston Hot at Aquarius. Vision predicts a sea of blood a warning of social tension on the streets of 1980s Jamaica. Not long after this Spaulding was stabbed hastening his move abroad to the USA and eventually London.

1.1 Sweet Lady
1.2 Sweet Lady Version
1.3 Vision
1.4 Vision Version

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