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Australian oi , these include the singer of Marching Orders and thats who it reminds me of , great catchy Oi! , some members went on to be THE OPPOSITION

Also available ZERO 1 CD (drummers 90s band) very cheap , see other listing

LISTEN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spTKX5b3U_c

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This is a CD you are buying but this is the VINYL TRACKLIST below
A1     RazorCut     
A2     Fighting Spirit     
A3     Your Enemy     
A4     Live To Fight Another Day     
A5     Just Another Day     
A6     Fight For More     
B1     Who Are You?     
B2     At The Bar Tonight     
B3     Another Rich Man     
B4     Rise Again     
B5     Raise Our Glasses

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