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The Cato Street Conspiracy are new, formed during summer 2020 during lockdown, their self-titled album which was released in December not only sold out its original press within two weeks, but has picked up some excellent reviews from many radio shows and online magazines. Line up is made from some 'old hands' in John on guitar (also in Perjury and SNIDE), Nobby on bass (SNIDE) and some fresh talent, Alex on drums and lead singer Steve, who could be described as the 'new Lemmy' Some quotes; ‘Cato are new to me but they have a great sound with something a bit different’ ' it’s really rather special. Some actual, really fast, really aggressive old school punk, straight out of the late 70’s! I was hooked within second of the first song and have devoured the whole album hungrily several times. With Brexit/Covid/non-Christmas, you really just need to blast yourself with something like this. It may not tangibly change any of those things, but the 10 tracks and just over half an hour of power certainly makes you feel lot better'

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