ANGRY VETS behind enemy lines CD

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from Contra site-

 In the songs there are great bass lines, awesome breaks, sing alongs and lyrics you can easily connect to. Their music is full of references and influences by bands like YOUTH OF TODAY, WARZONE or the 'MAGS'. Their set foundation is in the past, that's for sure, but the whole record sound fresh, vital and full of "Fire". Therefore, I thought, why do they call themself 'VETS'? After some internet research I found out, those parisian guys played prior in 'HARD X TIMES', 'VALUE DRIVEN', 'CUT LOOSE', 'FIRST FAILURE' and surprise surprise in 'LION'S LAW' too. Now I understood also the great blend of Oi in the songs. I can't wait to see them live cuz there will be blood on the dance floor.

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